F4TF – It’s Not You, It’s Us…

Greetings F4TF-ers!

We have really gotten a kick out of coming up with questions to get your filthy little minds ticking over the past, (wow, 32 weeks!), but we are going to take a break for a while.

As you may have noticed, my F4TF ‘Baby Daddy’ the wonderful KW has gone into hibernation for a while, so it seems fitting to step back from our joint venture here.

We were so fortunate to assemble a lovely, loyal core following, (yes, that’s YOU!), who never disappointed us with their thoughtful and thought provoking responses.

We have not decided yet as to how long the break will be or if it will be permanent, (always leave ’em wanting more, right?) but fear not, if we return you will be the first to know!

A sincere and heartfelt thank you to you all for following us and engaging with us and each other.

It’s been a blast!

Love y’all   💓💓💓

Kat & KW… drop the mic   🎤