F4TF #7 – The Naked Truth



This week we would like to know how you feel about being naked…


Are you at ease being naked? Do you feel more comfortable clothed or unclothed? Can you explain why you feel this way?

Write a post sharing your thoughts on this question and link back to your post in the comments section below.

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34 thoughts on “F4TF #7 – The Naked Truth

  1. Definitely naked. As for why, I think my body shape makes it really difficult to get clothes to look good. They hang funny. I am short and wide. Wide chest, wide shoulders, big thighs. I hate clothes that cling to my body and show its shape. So I end up in clothes that are too big and baggy for me. I feel like I shamble about. I’m never elegant, never smooth, never relaxed.

    When I’m naked I’m just me. My body looks less weird than clothes make it seem. I’m not shy. I feel more confident.

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    1. Great to see you here Beardy!
      I can understand why you prefer to be naked. My body shape is awkward too but rather than be naked I prefer PJs! Sloppy suits me!
      Hope to see you contribute again!


  2. Please help me! I’m writing a post about this one and will link to you. But I’m not good with this technology thing and I’m struggling to make the button work? I tried your ‘about’ and it says ‘put the button on’….I’m sorry, but I need more help.
    – Technically Retarded Rhiannon


  3. I can’t say I like being naked… I’m very conscious of my body and how I’m not as lean and muscular as I used to be. I used to not care… I would flash people, wear the smallest of outfits and love every minute of it. How times change as you get older XD

    But around my love, I don’t mind it. She loves me as I am and I her… It’s a comfortable intimate thing. We don’t need to be having sex to be naked around eachother and it feels good knowing I don’t have to be ashamed of my body in front of her. I adore just being naked in bed with her cuddling and being as close as we can get to eachother.

    So… I guess… I do like being naked… But only in certain situations πŸ˜‰


    1. Such an interesting post. It is amazing how messages get through to us so young and can colour our views into adulthood.
      I’m so glad you have become so comfortable in your own skin. Maybe I should take a belt dancing class or two?!
      Thanks for contributing and I hope we see you again!

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      1. I would definitely recommend trying it. A lot depends on the teacher and the other students in the class, but body positivity seems to be part of the “belly dance class culture”, and more reliably than with other dance forms. At least, that’s what I’ve found in my limited experience. Sample to find a class where you feel (reasonably) comfortable, but then I’d recommend that you commit to doing a whole term. It takes time. πŸ™‚

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    1. It’s so interesting that you can have sex with a new lover but not be naked in front of him… It’s like you need even more trust to show yourself than to have sex.
      I have always admired your photographs and think you are a beautiful woman. I’m so glad you are with a man now that appreciates you and let’s you know how gorgeous you are.
      And I love that photo!

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