F4TF #4 – The Ties That Bind

F4TF_Button1So, for this week”Food For Thought Friday“, we are turning our attention to the subject of Fuck Buddies/Friends with Benefits.

Is it possible to have a long-term “no-strings” sexual relationship?

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PS: we will be taking a short break over the festive period, but we’ll be back with our next question on Friday, 8th January. In the meantime, Kat and I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and we wish you all the best for 2016 and beyond.


10 thoughts on “F4TF #4 – The Ties That Bind

  1. I throughly enjoyed reading this Wookie. I think you broke the question down very well and made your points very clearly.

    I have certainly had sex with people I didn’t love so I agree love and sex are not synonymous. Sex is just sex, it’s lust or desire or just fancying someone. However, if I am *friends* and have sex with them then that’s a different deal… Then feelings definitely get involved.

    I am interested in the fact you never reverse your rule… Is that a method you use to avoid falling in love? In so far as you already have a connection/love and sex would perhaps deepen those feelings? Or is it purely about not risking ruining a friendship? All I know is the OH and I were friends first and that made a big difference to how long we’ve stayed together. I think if you can have good sex with a good friend then love is always a serious possibility.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It made for a great read!




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